Climate Controlled Film Storage Vaults


Our climate controlled film storage vaults are perfect for storing film that requires refrigeration and controlled humidity.  Each unit is individual and secure.  These units are temperature and humidity controlled vaults.  You have the keys to your storage unit, and nobody else has access to it.  The climate controlled film storage vault is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Climate controlled film storage vaults come standard with heavy duty steel racks designed for securely supporting film reels.



climate controlled film storage vaults racked and emptyWe offer different option of vault sizes to give you the best long term film storage solution available.  Call now and ask what size climate controlled film storage vaults are available.  Sizes start at 100 square feet.


Our climate controlled building is made of thick concrete for insulation and security.  The building is equipped with a conveniently located elevator so you can easily load up your storage vault with film and easily remove large boxes of reels when you need access to it.


If you need more than one climate controlled storage vault, we can try our best to get you a block of vaults that are located next to or near one another.


Our prices are the best in the industry.  Since all of our vaults are self-storage, we are able to provide cost effective long term film storage.  Also, since they are self-storage, you can rest assured that the contents of the vaults will be there when you go back to the unit to retrieve them years from now.  We won’t lose your inventory, because you maintain control of the unit and the contents.


Our climate controlled film storage vaults have been providing the entertainment and film industry a safe and secure place to store film for years.  They are perfect for negatives and 35mm.  Give us a call and let us do the same for you!


For more information on renting a climate controlled film storage vault:

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