Film and Document Storage Vaults

Film and document storage vaults offered by Climate Controlled Vaults.  Our facility has temperature and humidity controlled, individually secured, film storage vaults, as well as vaults at a regular room temperature for document storage.

  • Perfect for film and document storage
  • Great for wine storage
  •  24 / 7 availability
  • Individual and exclusive
  • Safe and secure
  • Fantastic amenities

Perfect for film and wine

Our climate controlled units are perfect for temporary or long term archival of film, tape, or digital media.  The regulated temperature and relative humidity are also great for wine!

Climate Controlled Vaults, formerly known as the Editing Film Center, has been providing high quality and economical film and document storage to our clients since 1955.

24 / 7 availability

You have building and film and document storage vault access any time of day.


Individual and exclusive

The vault you rent is exclusively accessibly by you.  The vault is not shared, and you are the only person with the key.


Safe and secure

The building is made of thick concrete and each vault door is strong.  There is 24 hour video surveillance of the building and parking.


Fantastic amenities

We offer clean restrooms and have an elevator to make things even easier.


Contact us to request information on availability and pricing of film and document storage vaults.